Tree Removal

An inevitable reality for nearly every homeowner, tree removal is the most hazardous aspect of tree care. Work with our certified professionals that are committed to safety above all else and are available at highly competitive prices.

Safe Tree Removal

Maintaining healthy, beautiful trees for our customers is first and foremost for the our team. There are instances, however, when removal is the best or only option available. Our highly trained arborists and field crew have the equipment and experience required to remove trees safely and efficiently.

How is Tree Removal Performed?

Our ISA Certified Arborists will carefully consider the structural integrity of a tree and the available space before deciding on a procedure. Felling- or the cutting of a tree to fall safely to the ground- is often the most efficient method of tree removal. Once a tree is on the ground it is cut into pieces and removed from the property. In more confined spaces, the preferred method is often rigging. In this process, trained crew members climb the tree, cut pieces as large or small as space dictates and then lower the pieces to the ground with ropes. Because every property presents unique circumstances, our team is prepared to make use of innovative equipment, manual removal techniques, or a combination of both.

When Does a Tree Need to be Removed?

Diseased, dying and dead trees unable to support themselves pose a significant liability, making them the most common candidates for removal.

Other situations calling for tree removal include…

  • Storm Damage
  • Severe insect infestation or disease
  • Competition with surrounding trees for sunlight and nutrients
  • Mold and drainage issues
  • New construction, remodeling, landscaping
  • Desire for more sunlight on property
  • Animal accessibility on structures

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