Crane Service

For very large trees, hazardous trees or jobs with limited access, a crane is sometimes the most efficient and safest removal method. A professional consultation will determine if a crane is right for your job and if it is the best option for you.

Why use a crane?

  • BIGGER – Cranes give us the ability to tackle larger jobs
  • FASTER – Lifting a few large pieces instead of many small ones means getting the work done in less time.
  • SAFER – Limiting workers presence on the ground, in the trees and around storm damage lowers risk and that’s good for everyone.

How Are Cranes Used?

Cranes can pick up pieces of wood weighing upwards of 3000 lbs, offering the ability to remove the tree in larger pieces. It is also safer. The work that is done with the crane, means less workers on the ground and in the tree, which means less exposure to unnecessary risk. By utilizing cranes we can do more work for the communities we service, when they need it most, such as after large storms and during emergencies.

When Should Cranes Be Used?

When access allows, cranes provide a highly efficient method of tree removal. Though it can be more expensive and does require more technical skill, crane use can be safer and faster. When cranes are used during removal, limbs are secured to the boom, cut and then lowered to the ground where they can be fed into the chipper or loaded onto a log truck.

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